• Teaching with Rigor and Love.

    It's what we do.


    You work hard in the classroom, we work hard to support you.

    Earn your Master's with hands-on classroom experience.

    We partner with the Relay Graduate School of Education to provide fellows with the opportunity to earn both a Master's Degree and a Colorado teaching license over the two-year program. RMP pays for your tuition so you can focus on your growth as an educator.


    Relay's weekly development sessions will delve into the behaviors and strategies of effective educators, while RMP coaches will observe and support fellows in classrooms.

    You're in the classroom on day one.

    We believe in learning by doing. The RMP Fellowship provides new educators with the immediate opportunity to develop the skill set necessary for fostering a rigorous and joyful classroom environment.


    RMP Fellows build confidence by consistently practicing effective strategies that lead our scholars to exceed their expected growth.



    Taking care of our teachers is essential to what we do.

    You’ll learn alongside a cohort of Fellows, collaborating with and supporting each other along the way. The RMP Fellowship is designed for your professional and personal development with the following tools:

    • BIPOC Affinity Spaces
    • One-on-one coaching with experienced teachers
    • Salary and full benefits comparable to that of a lead teacher

    You're supported by expert mentor teachers.

    When you decide to join the RMP team, you'll work with the best education professionals in Denver. Our mentor teachers and Director of Fellow Development provide meaningful feedback and model best practices that can be immediately put to use in the classroom.


    We gradually release responsibility to RMP fellows in order to create prepared teachers who are ready and willing to lead their own classrooms.


    We're a network of tuition-free, Pre-K–5 public charter schools in Denver and Aurora.

    Our Vision

    We know potential is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

    Our scholars succeed the most when they learn from educators who represent their identities and backgrounds. We believe that achieving educational equity and increasing access to opportunity is a moral imperative for our organization and our country.

    Our Mission

    We will provide every child with a rigorous and loving education.

    Our commitment to equity and academic rigor means that we help every student achieve. Our culture of love and inclusion means that we welcome, support, and challenge everyone with kindness and respect.


    Fulfilling this mission is only possible by building and uplifting a diverse network of teachers and staff.

    Our Community

    We love and support everyone who walks through our doors.

    RMP works hard to improve equity and accessibility for our scholars and families:

    - Financial aid for uniforms, meals, and school supplies

    - Family Advocacy and Support Teams (FAST) to help families meet their basic needs

    - Festivals, field trips, celebrations, and other family engagement events


    Marcela started her Fellowship in the summer of 2022. Halfway through

    the school year, we asked what she loves about the program:

    "My favorite thing about the RMP Fellowship so far is forming a close relationship with my advisor, Lydia, and the 5th-grade team. They feel like family to me already, and they have all been so supportive."

    "Having a live coach — someone to guide you through teaching before becoming a lead teacher — has been extremely helpful. Knowing you have someone by your side to see your growth and to give you feedback and advice is really comforting."

    "Lydia is absolutely amazing, and I am so lucky to have her as my mentor. She is constantly giving me feedback on my progress, and because of that, I have grown so much already as a teacher."

  • Love your kids.

    It's easy to create happy classrooms when

    our teachers are happy themselves.

    Love your co-workers.

    It's not just our scholars who

    perform at our dance recitals.

    Love your job.

    Become the best version

    of the educator you are.


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